Let’s get started!

What do you do in a barre boutique class?
The class begins with a warm up and sequence of upper-body exercises which includes free weights, push-ups, plank positions and specific exercises that target the bicep, tricep, shoulder, chest and back muscles. Students then use the ballet barre to focus on the thigh, seat and abdominal muscles. The abdominal wall is also strengthened through a series of “C Curve” exercises and the thigh and seat muscles are worked with a complete routine of back “dancing.”

Do I need to have a background in dance?
Not at all! Our technique was designed to encourage, inspire and challenge all individuals, at all fitness levels from all backgrounds!

How often should I attend class?
To see significant results, we recommend that students take class 3-4 times per week. Beginners are encouraged to take class often to gain a better understanding of the positions and to build muscle memory and efficiency. Students experiencing soreness are also encouraged to attend class often, even on consecutive days.

Muscle soreness and stiffness usually happens to people who are just beginning an exercise program or to those who work the same set of muscles in a new and different way. Because of the large variety of strength and stamina building variations at the barre boutique, students may feel some muscle soreness after every class. Sore muscles will have ample opportunity to be stretched and relaxed during class because of the method’s emphasis on musculoskeletal stretching.

Intense isometric movements are used to tone muscles, which are fully stretched after each set of exercises. Instructors offer personalized attention to perfect posture and body alignment and encourage students to work at their optimal level. Lively and fun music helps students stay focused and work even harder.

Why do you use carpet in your studio?
Carpeting is essential because it provides a comfortable surface and extra cushioning for your bones and joints.

What should I wear?
It is most important that you are comfortable and ready to move!  Workout or yoga pants paired with a tank or tee is the perfect combination.

Can I take class if I am pregnant or recently had a baby?
Moderate exercise during and post pregnancy can help women feel healthy and fit. Many postnatal students assert that this system of exercise helped them enjoy a smooth pregnancy and eased recovery after delivery. All pre and postnatal woman should consult their physician before beginning any exercise regimen. Pregnant women must present written consent from their doctor before they can take class and must notify their instructor to ensure that instructors can teach appropriate modifications.